Adult: Dear Pat Cooper

Dear Pat Cooper by Michael Caputo – “It seems like I have been writing this book most of my life. Like most kids that come from divorced parents I thought it was my fault. (I was a nervous and demanding kid that could drive anyone crazy) But what did I do? What did any of us do to make my father keep away from the whole family and go find himself a new one?

At first I wanted to write about how much I hated my father for not caring about me and my sister, but deep down all I wanted was an opportunity to tell him how much I loved him and missed him being in my life. I tried my best to tell my father about my life, but he never heard me. Every time we met he found fault with my clothes, my manners, and always…always the rest of the family. He hated us with every fiber of his being and I could never understand why. These attacks became part of his routine and a way of not getting too close to me or anyone else in our family. It was a wall too high for me to climb. It never failed; no matter how many times I tried to connect with my father, Pasquale Caputo, all I ever got from him was Pat Cooper the angry comedian.”

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Lifestyle: The Missing Ingredient®

The Missing Ingredient – the first cooking show series for people living with Celiac disease and other food allergies. The show’s host Frank Baldassare, who has Celiac disease, shows you how to cook your favorite dishes without using grains that contain gluten and how to vary some of the recipes to accommodate others with other specific food allergies or lifestyle needs.

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Children: Penny’s Pet Store Chronicles

Penny and her friends have a dream they want to share with you! A dream so powerful it could change the world! The adventures of Penny and her pals!

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