National Celiac Awareness Day

September 13th, is National Celiac Awareness Day in honor of Dr. Samuel Gee, a pioneer in celiac disease research. Thank you to Celiac Sprue Association and Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma and Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska for introducing US Senate Resolution 550 and a big thank you to the US Senate for passing Resolution 550 to promote celiac disease awareness.

Do something today to help raise the awareness of Celiac Disease. This can be as easy as talking to one person about Celiac, then they tell someone and so on. Also, I think it’s important to remember that there are so many people that have not been diagnosed and are feeling ill. So please take a minute out of your day to send out good energy or a prayer for all of those people who are suffering , and are being told that nothing is wrong with them , yet no one has tested them for Celiac Disease.

Have a healthy Day!

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